Oak Creek Place

Oak Creek Place is a transition home for women who have aged-out of the Foster Care program. This non-profit ministry is currently emerging to provide housing, extended mentoring, care, and education for young women in the North Texas area.

Based in McKinney, Texas, Oak Creek Place is the first of what is anticipated to be a network of residential facilities meeting the needs of young women between the ages of 18-24.  Each will be given the opportunity for success through mentoring, life-skills training, faith-focused interaction, and educational guidance.  Additionally, each member will receive healthcare, career preparation and guidance, and support in establishing permanency.

Our hope is for each young woman to build deep, meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging that continues throughout life.

The young women of OCP (Oak Creek Place) will be given the opportunity to pursue a high school diploma, acquire technical and vocational training, and/or associate and bachelor degrees through local colleges.

Beyond their time at Oak Creek Place, residents will be provided additional support securing their first vehicle, and the usual necessities and furnishings as they move into a life of stability.  Most importantly, our hope is for each young woman to build deep, meaningful relationships, and a sense of belonging that continues throughout life.


The programming structure of Oak Creek Place, THRIVE, is a uniquely designed curriculum that incorporates the participation of local professional volunteers and leaders. Life-skills training, tutoring, adult mentors, friends, and business partners who train and offer employment are all facets of this dynamic formula for the success of our OCP women.


At Oak Creek Place, we value:

  • a family environment that promotes love and acceptance without judgment
  • the realization of individual strengths and the celebration of goals attained
  • a deep sense of belonging that permeates the life of every young woman
  • the opportunity for young women to embrace and live in everlasting faith
  • life-long community and permanence


Oak Creek Place is located in McKinney, Texas.  The facility is approximately 1,600 square feet, with an additional 1,000 square feet currently under construction.  Current plans expect to have women in residence by Fall 2018.

Features of the residence include individual bedrooms with shared bathrooms, a computer/study center, conference area, exceptional outdoor space, and spacious living rooms.