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Thank you in advance for your financial support of Direction61:3. We realize that generosity looks different for everyone. The funding backbone of any non-profit is built upon regular monthly donors as it helps to maintain a consistent budgeting structure. Additionally, one time gifts are greatly impactful to our ongoing program and vision.

Suggested recurring giving opportunities:

  • Supporter: $25.00 monthly
  • Advocate: $50.00 monthly
  • Promoter: $100.00 monthly
  • Champion: $250.00 monthly or $2500.00 annually

Oak Creek Place Capital Campaign

We are presently in the midst of a capital campaign to complete the remodel and addition to Oak Creek Place. Listed below is your opportunity to donate and the present capital needs of our organization.

Total: $59,408
Roofing Framing Joists & Lumber Roof Decking$15,150
Sheet Rock$1,475
Paint: Exterior and Interior$1,300
Doors: Interior & Exterior$3,250
Kitchen Appliances$3,700
Electrical Fixtures: Interior$1,300
Electrical Fixtures: Exterior$400
Concrete Material$10,000

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